About Us

We have all thought about creating our own family tree which shows the whole relation between different members of the family. So if you want  to make a family tree of your own, this site provides you with different formats of family tree templates in different variations. A family tree is very helpful in tracing our roots and our genealogy. Often the future generations are not acquainted with all their relatives and to make them appreciate the legacy of the family, a family tree is a must.

A family tree, as the name suggests, is generally made in the form of a tree. So it helps to clearly illustrate the relationships between the different family members across different generations. But different variations can be made in the family tree templates to make them more interesting. So here we have shared with you family tree templates in different formats such as PDF, Excel, Word, etc. So you don’t need to create a family tree template of your own. You can choose any template which is suitable for you and add the name of your family members in it.