4+ Free Blank Printable Family Tree Template For kids [PDF,Word]

A family tree for kids is a genealogical representation of data in a tree format. Hence in this format of representing family information, the oldest members are placed at the top, while the younger generations are placed at the bottom. There are various formats of the family tree as well. For instance, a family tree might contain all the direct descendants of a particular individual, or all the male members of a particular surname (male-line descendants).

Making a family tree can be tricky since it can be confusing to track down and represent all the ancestors and current generations in a tree format. Since it represents a family’s lineage through the generations, there must not be any error in it and all the relationships among the family members must be clearly expressed.

Kids must be taught about their families heritage and lineage and the best way to do so is through a family tree. So as parents, you must be wanting to teach your child about your family’s lineage and the relationships among the various family members. And the best way to do so is by drawing a family tree and depicting all the family members throughout the generations you want to trace. So you can look for a printable family tree template online and edit it and paste it on your wall. This will make your kids learn about your family history and lineage in a fun manner.

Types of Family Tree For Kids

Kids are often asked to make a family tree project at schools. So as parents you would want to help them to make a good family tree project. So to help you make your kid’s project, we have brought you some family tree for kids project templates in attractive and printable formats.

Family Tree For Kids Project

Family Tree For Kids Project


Schools might give kids to draw their family tree as a project in order to make them learn about the relationships in a family. As parents we might we worried as to the correct format for the project. Generally at the school level students are required to make a simple tree in an attractive manner, using more illustrations and pictorial representation. There are many ideas and inspirations available online for making a family tree for kids project. But you might not find all the ideas suitable to be implemented in your kid’s family tree projects.

So here we have provided you with some creative and fresh designs for family tree projects for kids which can be downloaded and printed. These templates are customizable so you can edit them and add any details you like.

Printable Family Tree Chart For Kids

Printable Family Tree Chart For Kids

A family tree is a great tool to teach students about family relations and the legacy of their families to young students. It is a fun and creative way to make them learn about their family’s history and how are the different family members connected with each other. In situations where you have to make a family tree project for your kid, the best option is to go online and find appropriate family tree templates which would suit your requirements.

So here we have provided you with samples of family tree chart for kids in a downloadable and printable format. So you can customize these according to your preference and add any details to them. Hence your kids would be able to make beautiful family tree charts without making any errors.

Family Tree For Children

Blank Family Tree For Children

In today’s internet age, blank templates are a boon since offer maximum customization and allow you to add any details as per your preference. There might be various family tree templates available online which you can use to create a family tree. But for making your kid’s family tree project, a blank family tree template is ideal since it will allow adding any detail easily and add your own creativity to it at the same time.

So through this article, we have brought you these blank family tree templates in a downloadable and printable format. You can add any detail as you want in them and make a beautiful family tree project for your child.

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